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Cyclemeter for iOS: A Great App for Cyclists (and Runners Too)
How to Use Prismatic to Discover the News You Care About
How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee at Home
Cool Tool: If This Then That
Steve Jobs
Backing Up Your Data With Fog
Handling Incoming Email With Your Web Application
The Week in Links - 12/4/2010
The Week in Links - 11/11/2010
Training Your Technical Staff When You Don't Have a Budget
The Tools I Use
Generating Realistic Test Data With Ruby
A Collection of Great Tools for the Ruby Developer
The Programmable Government
A Brief Introduction to the Arduino
Interview: Mike Rohde - Designer, Blogger, Sketchnote Artist
The Coming Decline of Rss and Atom
Some Software Was Harmed in the Making of This Site
Welcome to the New Site
In Defense of Twitter
Cool OS X Application: Shelf
Links for 5/27/2008
Video Lectures
Specialists Need Not Apply
The Two Kinds of Programmers
My Favorite New Site: Tripit
Links for 4/2
Mac Question: What Books Should I Buy?
Is SwitchPipe the Solution for Rails Shared Hosting?
Links for 1/29/08
Monday Question: What Is Your Text Editor, and Why?
Monday Question: What Music Do You Code By?
Monday Question: What Is Your Development Machine?
Interview: Geoffrey Grosenbach on PeepCode, Entrepreneurship, and Making Book Publishing Easier
Interview: Peter Cooper on Rails, Entrepreneurship, and Developing on Linux
Coming Soon: Interviews
Monday Question: What Source Code Management System Do You Use, and Why?
Monday Question: What Books Changed Your Life?
Monday Question: What Are Your 3 Favorite Technical Sites?
Rails Snippets - 11/29
Book Review: Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional
Monday Question: Who Are You and Why Are You Here
MacBook Pro After One Week
Book Review: Practical Rails Social Networking Sites
Monday Question: What Technologies Are You Exploring?
Rails Snippets - 11/13
Monday Question: How Do You Choose What Technologies to Explore?
I Bought a MacBook Pro
Rails Snippets - 11/7
Monday Question: What Are You Reading?
Questions Before I Buy a MacBook Pro
Rails Snippets - 11/2
SEED Conference Recap
Rails Snippets - 10/31
Rails Snippets
SEED Conference
What I've Been Reading
Marc Andreesen on Career Planning
Paul Graham on "Stuff"
Fake Steve Jobs Outed
Links for 8/4
Random Things
Surely This Is a Sign of the Apocalypse
It Really Just Makes Me Want to Buy an iPod for Spite
Seth Godin: The Best Time to Start
A Change in Perspective
Free Web Design Resources
Links for 10/31/06
David Galbraith on Sustainable Business Models
Apparently, I'm a Joiner
Links for 9/18
How to Make Sortable Tables in Textile
Partitioning Databases in PostgreSQL
Links for 8/28
What I'm Reading
Links for 8/24
Salaries: Keep Them Secret or Make Them Public?
Quote(s) of the Day
5 Tips for Interviewing Well
Links for 7-19
Markaby Is Beauty
Links for 7/6
6/25 Random Links
Relevance Announces Streamlined
6/23 Ruby & Rails Links
Montastic Is Fantastic
Metaphors and Analogies
More Seth Godin
Why I Want to Have Seth Godin's Babies
American's Commutes Keep Getting Longer
Web Standards in a Nutshell
Ruby Is a Titanium Mountain Bike
Why Is It So Hard to Be Like Apple?
Interactive Touchscreen Demo
Chuck Norris Facts
How to Integrate Remote Employees
Things I Want to Own Someday Just to Say I Did
The Power of Lists
Micro-business Links
Just Do It
John Vlissides
Dating Rules for Software
Book Review - Ship It!
PostgreSQL Tools
Links for 11/7
Great Languages Are Intuitive
Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?
Dean Kamen on Innovation
Finding Inspiration
Wil Shipley on Unit Testing (and Why He's Wrong)
Don't Make Me Think - Second Edition
Basecamp Talk on ITConversations
Moving From Doing to Managing
More on FireFox Tuning
Robert Scoble Is Not Right in the Head
Speed Up Firefox
Links for 8/27
MS Security Response
Color for Coders
Python vs Ruby
Django vs Rails
World's Hardest to Debug Programming Language
Passion Reviews
Links for 8/10
Links for 8/6
Seth Godin on Small Companies
Endless Tinkering
Exporting a Database Schema in MySQL
How to Use Eclipse as a Ruby on Rails IDE
Automatically Deploy Your Rails App to a Test Server
Web Design and Development Links
Backpack API
Great Presentation on Ruby on Rails