Links for 9/18

A random sampling of the things that I’ve found interesting lately:

Airplane Seat Etiquette - If you ask me, reclining your seat on an airplane is a declaration of war. There are few things in the world that are ruder.

Mark Fletcher leaves Bloglines - He’s technically leaving Blogline’s owner Ask, but that’s a minor detail. I was a happy Bloglines user for a long time, but it started to lag behind the other readers. I’m a happy Feedlounge user now.

Interactive Capistrano Shell - This has some potential for a lot of uses outside of Rails (system administration in particular).

Video - Woman Calls 911 Over Wrong Burger King Order You really have to hear this to believe it.

Cheat - Cheat is a command line tool similar to ‘ri’, but it prints out a cheat sheet for the command you’ve specified. Awesome.

Links for 8/28

Free Programming and Computer Science Books - No explanation needed

Getting Started With Getting Things Done - One of the most popular posts on 43Folders, and a great introduction to Getting Things Done

16 Year Old Guitarist Plays Pachelbel’s Canon - Pretty amazing

Guy Kawasaki - Ten Things To Learn this School Year - Includes “How to survive a meeting that’s poorly run”, and “How to explain something in thirty seconds” among other great advice.

Geek to Live: Top 10 free and cheap productivity tools - My favorite: Pen and Paper (second favorite: plain text).

Links for 8/24

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Buy New - The usual suspects are here, but there’s some things I hadn’t considered.

The Complete Running Network - New blog dedicated to running. I’m trying to get back into running, so this is a useful resource.

Writing a Typo Sidebar Test First - Just what it says, good insight into the process.

Datebocks - Intuitive Date Parsing - Javascript library that let’s you handle dates like “Tomorrow”, and “Next Friday”, as well as more traditional date formats. Also available as a Rails Engine.

Beast: An open source Rails forum in under 500 lines of code - New Rails forum software from Rick Olson. Get the source here. Even if you have no need for forum software, it’s a nice example of a small Rails app.

Links for 7-19

The various shiny objects that caught my eye lately.

11 Ways of Staying Focused - Probably my biggest challenge, I need all the help I can get.

Top 14 Stumbling Blocks for New Businesses - Some of this I’ve seen elsewhere, but there’s soom good points in here.

What is a Wiki - And How to Use One for Your Project - I know what a wiki is, but this is a good introduction on how to leverage them for projects.

The Four-Day Week Challenge - Cutting back to a four day work week. It’s a great idea, but I don’t think my boss is going to go for that :)

Rails Manual - Just like, except the interface doesn’t completely suck eggs.

Rails Tips - The extremely prolific Peter Cooper (seriously, does he sleep?) releases something new, Rails Tips, which although part of the previously mentioned Ruby Inside site, is actually a completely separate site, with a number of useful tips. Seems similar to his Snippets site, but limited to Rails stuff.

6/23 Ruby & Rails Links

A few links that caught my eye today:

An introduction to Ruby on Rails for DB2 developers - Nice article if you’re a DB2 user and want to know what the fuss is about. Written by Edd Dumbill.

Ruby-Gnome2 Website - Appears to be a decent GUI toolkit for Ruby. I wish someone would get QT’s Ruby bindings working on Windows. The thing I miss most about Python is PyQT.

Sapphire in Steel: The Little Book of Ruby - Nice introduction to Ruby with plenty of code samples, in PDF form.

Ruby Cookbook - The Perl Cookbook, ported to Ruby.

Ruby Inside - A great new blog by Peter Cooper, focused solely on Ruby. The last two items came from this site. I don’t know how he finds all these cool links.

Configuring Rails Environments - The Cheat Sheet - Now you can find out what all of those neat settings in config/environments/* are.

Links for 8/27

MySQL Cheat Sheet - Commonly used MySQL commands, all in one convenient HTML page.

Explaining TDD to a non-techie - Great way to explain Test Driven Development.

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? - I’m really surprised (or perhaps frightened) at how wrong I was on this quiz.

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby - Yeah, this is an oldie, but a goodie. This is chapter 3, the best (and funniest) introduction I’ve seen to the Ruby programming language yet.

Five things you didn’t know you could do with Ruby - Includes things like “Process Satellite Images and Meteorological Data”. Not a lot of practical information, but interesting to see what people are using Ruby for.

Links for 8/10

  • Martin Fowler has a great introduction to Rake. If you’re not familiar, Rake is similar to Ant, but instead of build files written in XML, they’re written in Ruby. If you’ve ever written a complicated Ant script, you know how verbose and complicated they can be. Rake is the answer to your prayers.

  • Novell has put OpenSUSE 10 into beta.

  • Google Sightseeing is a cool collection of images from Google Maps. Check out the collection of shipwrecks and airplanes.

  • Adaptive Path has an interview with Flickr’s Eric Costello. Good read.