Welcome, you’re on my Now page. Here are the things I’m doing these days:


I work for Accenture as a technology architect, focused on building cloud solutions. I work on the Accenture Cloud Platform, primarily on our cloud analytics functionality. I spend most of my time working out how best to build things so that they’re secure, scalable, maintainable, and perform well. In recent years, I’ve spent time with both Amazon Web Services and Azure. I just got an AWS certification (Solutions Architect - Associate Level), and I’m looking to add an Azure certification as well.


My kids are 15, 13, and 11. Keeping up with them is nearly a full time job by itself.


  • Python - after a long hiatus, I’m doing some Python development again, and enjoying it.
  • Serverless computing - We’ve moved portions of Accenture Cloud Platform to serverless, so I’m gaining some experience with this.
  • Photography - I’m still an amateur, but I get a little better every time I shoot.
  • DevOps
  • Design Thinking

Last updated Saturday January 20th, 2018