World's Hardest to Debug Programming Language

Someone wrote a programming language consisting entirely of whitespace (you knew it would happen eventually). Now maybe people will stop making fun of Python. via

Passion Reviews

Kathy Sierra, who runs the excellent Creating Passionate Users blog, is doing a series of “passion reviews”. She’s started with Signals. Interesting article, but I suspect if the Signals get any more positive PR, they’re heads may explode. via Ted Leung

Links for 8/10

Martin Fowler has a great introduction to Rake. If you’re not familiar, Rake is similar to Ant, but instead of build files written in XML, they’re written in Ruby. If you’ve ever written a complicated Ant script, you know how verbose and complicated they can be. Rake is the answer to your prayers. Novell has put OpenSUSE 10 into beta. Google Sightseeing is a cool collection of images from Google Maps. Read On →

Links for 8/6

A collection of links from the last week or so: Linux Command Line Tips A web site of Object Oriented Tips A very lengthy explanation of the f/stop A good collection of XHTML templates

Seth Godin on Small Companies

Seth Godin has a brilliant piece on the advantages of small companies. It seems to me that the greatest innovation in technology (particularly software) is being done by micro-companies. These are companies like 37 Signals(5 people), Robot Co-Op(7 people), and Delicious Monster(7 people). I think that larger companies tend to be very good at stifling creativity. There are notable exceptions (Google comes to mind), but by and large this rule seems to hold. Read On →

Endless Tinkering

I’m a big fan of GTD. A lot of people ramble on about “so-and-so changed my life”, but in this case it’s true. I had never been organized a day in my life until I discovered David Allen and his system. I’m not saying I’m some sort of uber-organized person, but I’m 1000% better than I was. There is a big community that has built up around GTD that spends a lot of time swapping tips on how best to implement the system. Read On →

Exporting a Database Schema in MySQL

File this under “Useful things to remember”. The following bit of command line magic will export the schema of your database. mysqldump –no-data –tables -u YOUR_USER_NAME -p DATABASE_YOU_WANT_SCRIPTED >> FILENAME.sql An example looks like this: mysqldump –no-data –tables -u larry -p contacts >> contacts.sql If you want the data as well, omit the “–no-data” portion.

How to Use Eclipse as a Ruby on Rails IDE

Update 11/23/2005: Months later, this is still apparently a popular topic, as it’s one of the most viewed posts here. Time has passed though, and there’s a better option: RadRails. It’s built on Eclipse, but includes Rails-specific tooling, which the configuration discussed below does not. It’s well worth your time to check out. In this short tutorial, I'm going to walk you through setting up a code editing environment for Ruby on Rails using the Eclipse IDE. Read On →

Automatically Deploy Your Rails App to a Test Server

Mike Clark has a great script to automatically deploy your Ruby on Rails application to a test server whenever someone commits a change to the subversion repository. I’m just starting to use svn for my projects, I’m going to have to try this out. You can read the article yourself here.

Web Design and Development Links

Here’s a collection of links useful to web developers and designers: Stuck Domains A website that lets you search for domains that have recently expired, by keyword. 196 Stylesheet Resources The title says it all. Lots of good CSS stuff here Design tips for non-designers A good set of tips here, particularly for those of us who aren't blessed with the gift of design sense. There's an awful lot of good stuff on YourTotalSite in general. Read On →