Links for 8/4

An assortment of tasty distractions.

A fun collection of classy insults. Here are a couple of choice ones:

“A modest little person, with much to be modest about.” - Winston Churchill

“I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.” -Clarence Darrow

What 120 calories looks like. Nice reminder. Via Jeremy Zawodny

A productivity tip from Jerry Seinfeld I really didn’t believe this until I read it. Good advice.

YUI 2.3.0: Six New Components and a Prettier Face

“We’re pleased to announce today the release of YUI version 2.3.0. This release features six new additions to the library as well as a new skinning architecture and a new visual treatment for most of our UI controls. All of this, plus 250 enhancements and bug fixes, is available for download immediately.”

One of the notable additions is a rich-text editor that is stated to work well across all of the YUI “A” browsers.

Random Things

I have a few articles I want to publish, but I’m holding off until I have this site moved over to Slicehost. In the meantime, here’s a kottke - style list of random things that have caught my eye lately.

How to Charm a Woman

I am(thankfully) long past dating, but just because you’ve convinced her to marry you doesn’t mean you don’t still need to charm her.

How YouTube scales

Summary of a Google Tech Talk on how YouTube scaled, both pre and post acquisition. With the massive storage requirements (they have servers dedicated just to serving thumbnails), this is certainly not a typical scaling story.

Catch The Best

Catch The Best is a new “applicant tracking and ranking system” from Ben Curtis, who is fairly well known in the Rails community. This looks promising. Ben is also looking for sample resumes to test his system out.

The Brand Called You

10 year old article by Tom Peters on the importance of developing a personal brand. Still very relevant.

Surely This Is a Sign of the Apocalypse

Just seen on TechCrunch:

Why are you people searching for Britney Spears!? She is hardly the eye candy she once was so I just don’t understand how she has topped Yahoo’s most popular search terms for the fifth time in six years but is appears that the flashing, divorcing baby mama has.

Tonight at 9 p.m. PST, Yahoo will release their most popular search terms of 2006. In the top five are Britney, WWE, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

This makes me want to cry.

It Really Just Makes Me Want to Buy an iPod for Spite

So, how’s Microsoft’s iPod killer being received? The Sun Times’ Andy Ihnatko sums it up:

Result: The Zune will be dead and gone within six months. Good riddance.

Yeah, what he said. I’ve not seen a positive review of this thing yet.

And the junior marketing flunky who came up with “squirting” as the metaphor for transferring content wirelessly needs to find another line of work. It just sounds dirty. Like you could get slapped for saying it out loud in mixed company.

It’s possible that version 2.0 of the Zune may redeem itself (this is a Microsoft product after all), but it seems unlikely. What seems a lot more likely is that this will go down in history as a “what were they thinking” event.

My suspicion is that the people at Apple laughed hard when they first saw this thing. For something that was touted as an iPod killer, it amounts to little more than a paper cut.

Seth Godin: The Best Time to Start

I’ll try to prevent this from becoming another Seth Godin lovefest, but Seth’s article on the best time to start a business was too good not to write about.

From the article:

  • The best time to start is when you’re out of debt.
  • The best time to start is when no one is already working on your idea.
  • The best time to start is after you’ve got all your VC funding

…the best time to start was last year. The second best time to start is right now.

Full article here. Go read it now.