Automatically Deploy Your Rails App to a Test Server

Mike Clark has a great script to automatically deploy your Ruby on Rails application to a test server whenever someone commits a change to the subversion repository.

I’m just starting to use svn for my projects, I’m going to have to try this out.

You can read the article yourself here.

Backpack API

The Backpack web service has been available for a few short hours, and already O’Reilly has started using it on their Radar Blog. They’ve devised a nifty way of tying together content on their public backpack pages, with the Amazon API in order to produce their books page. This reminds me a lot of shell scripting on a *nix system, tying together applications to build something new.

Very cool stuff.

Great Presentation on Ruby on Rails

Obie Fernandez of ThoughtWorks put together a great presentation on Ruby on Rails for the Agile Atlanta group. It does a good job of covering all of the things that make Rails great.

See for yourself here.

(via Curt Hibbs post to the rails mailing list)