Steve Jobs

Like Marco Arment I’m not qualified to eulogize Steve Jobs, but I owe a lot to him so I need to say something. My first computer was an Apple //c. 1985. I spent a lot of time on that computer. A lot. Probably an unhealthy amount. I was a nerdy kid to begin with, and I instantly fell in love with it. I spent endless hours on that computer. Playing games, writing programs in BASIC, and generally just exploring the new world that it opened up for me.

Mac Question: What Books Should I Buy?

I’ve owned the Macbook Pro for a little while now, and am getting comfortable with OS X. I think it’s time to dig a little deeper though, so I’m going to buy a book or two. I’m a long time computer user, and have a lot of *NIX experience, so I’m not looking for something too basic. I’d like something that will teach me the ins and outs of the whole operating system, and let me go from being “comfortable” to “power user”.

MacBook Pro After One Week

So I’ve had the MacBook Pro for a full week now. Here’s my assessment. I don’t at all regret the decision to get the refurbished model. I saved $400 and the unit appears to be flawless. That said, the Wireless Mighty Mouse I bought with it was D.O.A. This thing is really, really fast. Apple customer service is awesome. So the Mighty Mouse was dead. I called Apple’s tech support and explained the situation.

I Bought a MacBook Pro

As a follow on to last week’s post, I ended up buying a 17" MacBook Pro this week. I went with a refurbished model (which saved me $400), and skipped the high resolution display. It should be here on Wednesday. It’s my first Mac, and I’ve wanted one for ages, so I’m excited to get it.

Questions Before I Buy a MacBook Pro

So I think I’m about to buy a Macbook Pro - the 17" model specifically. Before I do, I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping someone can help me answer: Is the High Resolution (1920-by-1200) display worth the extra money vs the 1680-by-1050 display? I’m going to buy a Refurbished model from Apple, due to the substantial cost savings. Does anyone know of any reason not to? A quick google search doesn’t seem to reveal people having issues, but I thought I’d ask.

Fake Steve Jobs Outed

Fake Steve Jobs has been outed. It’s Daniel Lyons, a Senior Editor at Forbes. He was outed by Brad Stone of the NY Times . I had always suspected it was a journalist or writer of some sort - the writing quality was too good to be a random schmo.

It Really Just Makes Me Want to Buy an iPod for Spite

So, how’s Microsoft’s iPod killer being received? The Sun Times’ Andy Ihnatko sums it up: Result: The Zune will be dead and gone within six months. Good riddance. Yeah, what he said. I’ve not seen a positive review of this thing yet. And the junior marketing flunky who came up with “squirting” as the metaphor for transferring content wirelessly needs to find another line of work. It just sounds dirty. Like you could get slapped for saying it out loud in mixed company.

Why Is It So Hard to Be Like Apple?

By now, everyone has seen this video, which shows what would happen if Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging. It’s spot on, but it got me to wondering: Why is it so hard to be like Apple? On the surface, it seems simple. Create well-designed, simple, user-centric devices, and promote the heck out of them. It seems simple, but clearly it’s not or everyone would be doing it. There have been countless “iPod killers” brought to market over the last few years, but none of them have made a dent in Apple’s market share.