David Galbraith on Sustainable Business Models

In response to the previously mentioned buyback of Odeo, David Galbraith has written an insightful article on the topic of building companies with sustainable business models. His position (a smart one) is that venture capital shouldn’t be the default, it should be for the edge cases - companies with big infrastructure needs that are growing more rapidly than they can manage. From the article: Every venture funded tech company is predicated on the idea of ’exit’, the point where the company is sold to a bigger one or has an IPO, so that the investors see a return and move on.

Micro-business Links

A couple of micro-venture links from the last couple of days: Mark Cuban on Success & Motivation Mark Cuban, whose writing style I really enjoy, posts a collection of the articles he’s written over the last few years on how he got to where he is today. Life Beyond Code - 10 Questions to ask yourself when you are small Rajesh Setty does a reality check for startups. I found both of these via microISV, which is a great resource for people interested in that sort of thing.