Welcome, you’re on my Now page. Here are the things I’m doing these days:


I work for Accenture as a technology architect, focused on building cloud solutions. I’m an Amazon Web Services architect in the Accenture AWS Business Group, helping clients move to the cloud or make better use of what they’ve got.


School is back in session. Middle child is a freshman in college and planning to be a teacher, youngest is a junior in high school. The oldest is working for a while until he knows what he wants to do.

We have a new dog (for a total of two). She’s a mini golden doodle named Mabel and she’s adorable.


  • Python - after a long hiatus, I’m doing some Python development again, and enjoying it.
  • Serverless computing - An increasing amount of my work is serverless (both for work and for fun).
  • 3d Printing - I bought a Prusa MINI+ last year and have been printing almost non stop since. Some of it is fun, some of it is practical.


  • Reading: I’ve read a few books this year but lately I’ve been working on reading more of my backlog in Readwise Reader, which I just migrated to after years of using Instapaper to hoard articles. It’s got a lot more functionality and I’m finding that using it makes me want to read more. Win-win.
  • Watching: Only Murders in the Building and The Old Man
  • Listening: My go-to music when working is something instrumental - often jazz (old school - Miles Davis, Bill Evans Trio), but I also spend a lot of time listening to Brain.FM. I need something without lyrics, and offers machine generated music that fits the bill. I’ve also recently discovered the soundtrack to the film Motherless Brooklyn. It’s got a very old school jazz feel that is fantastic.


  • I’m tweaking the blog a bit and posting more content. More to come on that later.

  • I have been building more things lately - physical things - using microcontrollers like the ESP32 and various sensors, motors, and the like.

  • I’ve been working on posting more photos as well, check out my Best of 2022 post to see some of my recent favorites.

Last updated September 16th, 2023