Best of 2018

I usually take a lot of pictures in a given year, and 2018 was no different. Out of the thousands of pictures I took, these are my favorites. Most are taken with my main camera, a Canon 6D, but some are moments captured with my phone.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean as seen from New Smyrna Beach, FL

Calli at the Beach

Calli at New Smyrna Beach, FL

Creepy Old Door

Creepy old door on a building near my house

Tired Emma

My daughter was exhausted on the return trip from our vacation to Florida. I grabbed this photo with my phone from the seat behind her.


I took some portraits of the kids in the fall, and fell in love with this picture of my daughter


I took fireworks pictures again this year. There were a few technical issues, but I'm happy with how they turned out.

Haunted Trail

We had some very foggy days recently, and I took some pictures on the bike trail that runs through town. Creepy.

Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts castle looming over Universal Studios in Florida


I took some photos at a baby shower, and captured this moment between the parents.


Lights cut the darkness in this walkway at night

Foggy Night at Christmas

On a foggy night right before Christmas I took a few pictures in downtown Normal, IL.

The Offspring

I took some pictures of the kids this fall. Getting three kids to cooperate for pictures is a challenge, but I managed to get a few good pictures.

LA Sunset

On a trip to Los Angeles, I captured this picture of the sunset through my hotel room window.


While on vacation in Florida, we toured a lighthouse. I tried to get some pictures of the stairs leading to the top with my good camera, but had a hard time getting a clear shot that didn't have people in it. After putting my camera away I looked up and realized that there was nobody visible on the stairs, so I grabbed my iPhone and captured this picture.


Luminaries light a pathway at night.

The Mystery Machine

Scooby Doo was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, and my kids have enjoyed it as well. Naturally, when I saw this at Universal Studios in Florida, I had to get a picture.


I shoot a lot of pictures at my church. These generally include a wide variety of things, but some of my favorites are the details. This is the pedalboard and feet of one of the guitarists in our worship band.


Captured during a worship set at church.

Gender Reveal Cake

I photographed a gender reveal party this year, and this was the cake they used to reveal whether it was a boy or a girl.


Silhouette shot from a maternity shoot I did recently. I'm a sucker for a good B&W, and a I love silhouette shots. Combining them both makes me happy.

A Storm Rolls In

Watching a storm roll in during our Florida vacation.

Sunset - Part One

Sunset over a farm in rural Shirley, IL


Sunset over a farm in rural Shirley, IL


This is another church picture. I love shots like this where I can isolate the person speaking from everything else around.


I love silhouette photos, and lens flare is always fun. Putting them together makes for a great picture.