6/23 Ruby & Rails Links

A few links that caught my eye today:

An introduction to Ruby on Rails for DB2 developers

  • Nice article if you’re a DB2 user and want to know what the fuss is about. Written by Edd Dumbill.

Ruby-Gnome2 Website - Appears to be a decent GUI toolkit for Ruby. I wish someone would get QT’s Ruby bindings working on Windows. The thing I miss most about Python is PyQT.

Sapphire in Steel: The Little Book of Ruby - Nice introduction to Ruby with plenty of code samples, in PDF form.

Ruby Cookbook - The Perl Cookbook, ported to Ruby.

Ruby Inside - A great new blog by Peter Cooper, focused solely on Ruby. The last two items came from this site. I don’t know how he finds all these cool links.

Configuring Rails Environments - The Cheat Sheet

  • Now you can find out what all of those neat settings in config/environments/* are.