A Collection of Links About Github Actions

Github Actions is really intriguing, and I’m excited to get my hands on it. It’s not enabled for my account yet, but once it is I’m going to dive in and automate a bunch of things, starting with the publishing of this blog (which I currently do with AWS CodeBuild).

While I wait paitently-ish, I’ve collected some links to things I’ve read about it.

» GitHub Actions: built by you, run by us

The blog post where Github announced Actions. Good place to start if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

» Features • GitHub Actions

A high level overview of the features Github Actions has.

» The Changelog #331: GitHub Actions is the next big thing with Kyle Daigle, Director of Ecosystem Engineering at GitHub

The Changelog podcast interviews Kyle Daigle of Github to talk about Actions.

» A redone blog, again - Arktronic.com

A fairly common task, I suspect: automating the publishing of content when it’s pushed to Github. I’ll be doing this soon myself. Even if it’s not something you need, this is a good intro to what you can use Actions for.

» Introducing Github Actions

An introduction to Github Actions, from Sarah Drasner. This is a great overview.

» Getting started with Github Actions

Nice guide to getting started.

» Jessie Frazelle’s Blog: The Life of a GitHub Action

An in-depth look at what happens when an action runs, from @jessfraz. As an aside, if you’re not following her on Twitter, you should. She’s smart and works on some very cool things.

» nektos/act: Run your GitHub Actions locally

This is really exciting - run actions locally for testing. I haven’t played with this just yet, but I will soon.

» Github Actions

An open source list of Github Actions (via David Boyne). There are a lot here already, and they look useful. Adding a new one is as simple as submitting a pull request on Github.

» Awesome Actions

This is a great collection of resources, also from Sarah Drasner. Links to cool actions, as well as lots of links to documentation and other resources.