Apparently, I'm a Joiner

I typically avoid joining each new social networking thingy that comes along, but I’ve joined two lately.

The first was LinkedIn. You can view my public profile here, feel free to add me if you’re so inclined. My email address associated with me there is larrywright at gmail dot com.

The second one was Twitter, which is a new-ish site from the folks at Odeo (which, as an aside, was recently bought back from the investors - way to go Ev), that lets you keep up with what your friends are doing at any given moment. You can send and receive updates via text messages, the web site, and now by instant message. Pretty cool. View me here, and feel free to add me as a friend if you’re so inclined. Or come to to my home page and look at the left hand side of my page to see what I’m doing at the moment. As if you care.

On an unrelated note, things have been a little quiet lately, due to other commitments. Things are quieting down a little now, though. I’ll have some more technical posts up soon(ish).