How to Integrate Remote Employees

One of my “must-read” blogs, Rands in Repose has a post seeking advice on keeping employees who work from home (or any other remote location) in the loop.

I’m ready to learn and that’s today’s question, “How do you, as a remote employee, stay in the loop?” The converse, if you prefer, is, “How do you, as a co-worker or manager of a remote employee, keep everyone on the same page?” Work-from-home employees is becoming a bigger and bigger trend, and there are a lot of companies that seem to thrive in this environment. When it works, it seems to be a win-win for both the employer and employee. It does introduce a number of issues, particularly if only part of the team is working remotely.

There’s some good advice in the comments for the post, including advice on tools, as well as cultural issues.