Links for 1/29/08

A list of random and assorted things I have found lately

New York Times blog on open source technology at the Times

“A blog about open source technology at The New York Times, written by and primarily for developers. This includes our own projects, our work with open-source technologies at, and other interesting topics in the open source and Web 2.0 worlds.”

There are a lot of nice posts in there, including one on how they used EC2 to convert their archives to PDF.

Desert Rails Plugin

Desert is a component framework for Rails that allows you to seamlessly define in your plugins: \* Models \* Controllers \* Views \* Helpers \* Routes \* Migrations \* Plugin Dependencies
I'm going to check this out for something I'm about to start on.

Five Runs Interviews

Five Runs is conducting a series of 5-question interviews. So far they have interviewed Chad Fowler, Michael Cote and Peter Cooper.

Arc is Released

Paul Graham has released Arc, his long-awaited Lisp dialect.

Arc is designed above all for exploratory programming: the kind where you decide what to write by writing it. A good medium for exploratory programming is one that makes programs brief and malleable, so that’s what we’ve aimed for. This is a medium for sketching software.