Links for 9/18

A random sampling of the things that I’ve found interesting lately:

Airplane Seat Etiquette

  • If you ask me, reclining your seat on an airplane is a declaration of war. There are few things in the world that are ruder.

Mark Fletcher leaves Bloglines

  • He’s technically leaving Blogline’s owner Ask, but that’s a minor detail. I was a happy Bloglines user for a long time, but it started to lag behind the other readers. I’m a happy Feedlounge user now.

Interactive Capistrano Shell

  • This has some potential for a lot of uses outside of Rails (system administration in particular).

Video - Woman Calls 911 Over Wrong Burger King Order You really have to hear this to believe it.

Cheat - Cheat is a command line tool similar to ‘ri’, but it prints out a cheat sheet for the command you’ve specified. Awesome.