Random Things

I have a few articles I want to publish, but I’m holding off until I have this site moved over to Slicehost. In the meantime, here’s a kottke - style list of random things that have caught my eye lately.

How to Charm a Woman

I am(thankfully) long past dating, but just because you’ve convinced her to marry you doesn’t mean you don’t still need to charm her.

How YouTube scales

Summary of a Google Tech Talk on how YouTube scaled, both pre and post acquisition. With the massive storage requirements (they have servers dedicated just to serving thumbnails), this is certainly not a typical scaling story.

Catch The Best

Catch The Best is a new “applicant tracking and ranking system” from Ben Curtis, who is fairly well known in the Rails community. This looks promising. Ben is also looking for sample resumes to test his system out.

The Brand Called You

10 year old article by Tom Peters on the importance of developing a personal brand. Still very relevant.