The Week in Links - 11/11/2010

Things You Should Do Immediately After Launching a Website
Some of these are common sense, but there are quite a few non-obvious ones here. A good checklist.

Running Shells in Emacs: An Overview | Mastering Emacs
Working with shells in Emacs is very useful; I almost always have a small one running at the bottom of my window to run commands in. This explains the differences between the different kinds of shells in Emacs, how to use them, and how to change their settings.

Announcing Cloud Load Balancing Private Beta | Rackspace Cloud Computing & Hosting
Rackspace Cloud, where I host a ton of different servers for myself and for clients, has announced a beta of their load balancing service. Good load balancing is a pain to set up, so this is promising.

The 1140px CSS Grid System/Framework · Fluid down to mobile
Nice new CSS grid framework that handles multiple screen sizes with ease. It seems like a fundamental failing of CSS that we need all these frameworks to do really basic stuff like this though.

Dr Nic’s Making CI easier to do than not to with Hudson CI and Vagrant
I need to spend some time with Hudson. It’s an incredibly powerful “Continuous Integration” server, but it does a lot more as well. This article explains how to use it in conjunction with Vagrant to automatically set up your test environment.

How to Use Your Zoom Lens as a Compositional Aid
I’ve been learning photography over the last couple of years. This article did a better job of explaining the effects of using different kinds of zoom lenses. The pictures that accompany the article are worth 1000 words and then some.