The Week in Links - 12/4/2010

Full-Ack: an Emacs interface to Ack
Ack is a useful little app for searching source code. If you ever use grep for finding things in your code, switch to ack immediately - you won’t regret it. This is a handy front end to ack for Emacs users.

Information architecture: A How to
I’ve been learning about information architecture lately as it’s becoming increasingly important for my job. This is a good overview.

Hacker’s Guide To Tea
I need to drink more tea. This article taught me a lot I didn’t know about tea and its benefits.

Tasty Treats for PostgreSQL
A bunch of useful tools if you work with PostgreSQL, from the guys at OmniTI.

HTML5Rocks - Introducing Web Sockets: Bringing Sockets to the Web
An introduction to Web Sockets, which let you do lots of cool real time things with the web. One of many things I need to spend more time experimenting with.