Welcome to the New Site

I’ve maintained a blog since sometime in May of 2005. As with many blogs, posting regularity varied. Sometimes it was daily, sometimes a month or two would go by with nothing new at all.

This is something different.

The content on the old site changed over time, just like it’s author. Interests come and go, technologies that were once shiny and new have lost some of their shine. I stopped writing short posts that were mostly links to other people’s content, and starting writing longer articles. I did some interviews, and a bunch of book reviews.

Then, as is prone to happen, I got busy. In the time I’ve been writing this I’ve gone from having one child to having three. My job responsibilities have changed. This site got a bit neglected as a result.

So a while back I started thinking about the site, and what I wanted it to really become. And I thought. And then I thought some more. My thoughts evolved over time, and I’ve settled on what I’m launching here today.

I’m a curious person, and always have been. My interests are varied, and change often.This site is a reflection of those facts. Some of the content from the old site has been migrated to here, much of it was not as it was either not relevant or didn’t fit well with the new site. The focus of this new site will be whatever happens to have my interest at the time: mostly technology, software development, and entrepreneurship, but extending into other areas as well. I will continue to do interviews and book reviews, and have several of both to publish in the very near future.

I hope to write here on a more consistent basis, but they will be longer articles and as such it’s not likely to exceed more than once or twice per week. I’ve created a new section just for links to interesting things, called Curiousities, and there will be content there daily.